Jackie Chan Channels His Inner Liam Neeson In The Foreigner And You Don't Want Him Coming After You!

I love revenge movies!

And there have been some good revenge movies recently too!

I am especially interested in the “father avenging their child” genre. Since becoming a father, I can’t imagine the anguish and need for revenge on anyone who’d wronged my son.

The Taken series (although they could have stopped with the first one), Punisher, Gladiator, and the John Wick movies (a puppy is sorta like a child and I really loved John Wick 2).


Well now Jackie Chan is (thankfully) taking a step away from his recent run of half-assed comedies to play the vengeful father of an innocent terrorist bombing victim in The Foreigner.

He decides to take advantage of his particular set of skillz (that go beyond his apparent super-power of tolerating Chris Tucker’s voice) to seek revenge on Pierce Brosnan, who may or may not know the identity of the bombers.

We have all seen Jackie Chan make attempts at serious acting before (Gorgeous), but he looks extremely convincing in this preview. If I had any idea who the bombers were, I’d tell him! The anti-hero is a much different and risky role for Jackie Chan and he appears to nail it.

Pierce Brosnan has been frozen in James Bond type-casting carbonite since the mid 90’s (and I’m not sure that an Irish accent is the “Princess Leia” to de thaw that type casting “carbonite”), but he does always puts forth a good acting performance.

So long as he doesn’t have to sing…

The Foreigner is directed by Martin Campbell who has proven action movie directing cred with previous hits such as Casino Royale, Mask of Zorro and the Mel Gibson revenge movie Edge of Darkness. He has also previously directed Brosnan as James Bond in Goldeneye (which was the best N64 video game ever).

Unfortunately, Campbell also has Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern on his list of accomplishments…

green lantern
Image: Schmoesknow.com

Side Note: When I saw “Charlie Murphy” on the cast list I did a double take! I figured Charlie Murphy must have filmed his scenes before his death, but this is a much different looking (i.e. more attractive) Charlie Murphy.

The Foreigner has a USA release date of October 13th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.50.04 PM
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