No Really. The New Ken Doll Will Have a Man Bun (AKA Douche Knot) Option

Mattel unveiled their new updated Ken doll line to go along with last year’s updated Barbie line and variety was the order of the day!

The new Ken line up will come with 3 different body types: slim, original and broad (i.e. Dad bod).

“Hey ladies (& guys)!”

The variety goes beyond body builds as well. Skin tones, eye color and accessories, such as hipster style glasses, will also be customizable.

Hairstyle is another way to express individuality and Ken will be expressing his through multiple cuts, such as cornrows and man buns.

(At a previous job, I was actually sent to the H.R. office for referring to a co-worker’s “man bun” as a “douche knot”. If that person is reading this right now, I am sorry. Your douchie-ness is completely unrelated to your hair style choice. My bad.)

Mattel updated their Barbie line-up last year with a similar variety of options so this is a logical continuation of their new all-inclusive and diversified initiative. Could this be the first salvo in a new arms race between Mattel’s Barbie and American Girl Dolls?

I wrote previously this year how American Girl launched their first boy doll “Logan“, so it makes sense that Mattel needs to defend their market share. Especially since the toy market has been declining as children prefer to play with screens now and days as opposed to molded plastic.

Don’t confuse this “Logan” with the Wolverine “Logan”

Will this work? Who can say? Fortunately, Lil G is still at the stage where a fast food napkin will entertain him just as well the most expensive toy.

The new Ken dolls saw a limited release this week and will be mass released July 8th.

I still prefer Transformers toys myself.

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  1. OMG, the man bun is soooo ….well, I better stop short like Frank Costanza before I place my foot in my mouth. Although, I would kill to have Logan’s (American Boy?) hair. Just another day in bizzaro world.

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