Is The World Ready For A Curry Fountain? Kirin Beer Thinks So!

Our friends at RocketNews (now SoraNews) always have the best tidbits from Japan!

We are all familiar with chocolate fondu fountains that we often seen on the dessert tables of fancy shindigs (or moderately priced buffets).

Heck, if you really want to class up an event, there is the ranch dressing fondu I wrote about previously.

Are you ready for some football!

Well Kirin Beer has decided to up the ante in the competitive world of fondu’s by giving away 1,000 curry fondus!

Part of a Summer promotion kicking off this month and running till the end of August, you can collect stickers off specially marked Nodogoshi beers, which are brewed to be compatible with the Japanese curry dishes.

kirin Nodo
Nodogoshi beers tend to be 5% alcohol by volume


If you have never had Japanese curry, it is a much different taste than Indian or other kinds. Japanese curry is more of a stew-like blend of onions, carrots, potatoes and sometimes a form of meat and is usually served over rice.


To earn the awesome curry fondu (complete with 4 plates, 4 forks & 4 aprons because curry can be messy) and become the envy of all your fondu loving friends, you only need to collect 12 stickers! Just 12 beers or as some of the contractors I used to work with would call it, “a Thursday night”.

If you can’t pack away 12 beers in 3 months, there are other prizes available for 6 or even 3 stickers. But seriously, if a curry fondu is not enough incentive to pack away at least a beer a week over 3 months, you don’t like beer or curry dishes as much as you thought you did…

For me, nothing like a few beers and a good can of Unicorn meat to satisfy my hunger!

canned unicorn meat
Available at



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