I Hope The McDonald's Lovers in Japan are Hungry Because The Giga Big Mac Is Back!

Have you ever been so hungry that you could polish off nearly, but not quite, 3 McDonald’s Big Macs?

Well McDonald’s Japan thinks you will be!

Beginning June 7th, McDonald’s in Japan will be bringing back the Giga Big Mac and the Grand Big Mac for a limited time.

giga big mac
Are you ready for some McIndigestion?

The Giga Big Mac is 2.8 times the size of a normal Big Mac because obviously 3 times the size would just be ridiculous. The Grand Big Mac comes in at a more modest 1.3 times the size of the standard Big Mac.

Good news for all the accountants, engineers or other mathematicians out there that are curious, even though the Giga weighs in at 2.8 times the size of a Big Mac, at 700 yen ($6.30 USD) it only costs 1.84 times the price of a 380 yen Big Mac! Yep, Micky D’s believes in bulk discounts I guess. Big thanks to our friends at RocketNews for handling the math for us.

This is the first we have seen of the Giga Big Mac since the Spring of 2016, which does make you question how long McDonald’s thinks it takes to fully digest a Giga Big Mac…

While the Giga was unavailable last time we visited Japan, my biggest fast food regret of last trip to “the land of the rising sun” remains missing out on the McChoco Potato! Otherwise known as Chocolate glazed McDonald’s golden french fries.

That’s right! I said it! “Chocolate glazed McDonald’s golden french fries.”

Image courtesy of McDonalds

So, who is joining me on a trip to Japan?

Free Shipping over $75


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