'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer Officially released!

I’m sure the Vulcan’s have a saying about good things coming to those that wait.

Well we have been waiting for a preview for the new CBS All Access series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ for quite some time and the official trailer has finally launched!

As with most Star Trek series, the special effects and makeup look terrific. Michelle Yeoh acting is always wonderful and her English pronunciation has come along way. Overall, I am impressed with the trailer and am looking forward to the series!

I remember as a kid when my mother introduced my older brother and I to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Once a week we would all sit around a pizza, watch the further adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise D and wonder if Troi and Riker were going to hook up that week.

U.S.S. Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation

I am hoping to have the same experience with Lil’ G and teach him that it is possible to be a fan of both the Star Trek universe as well as the Star Wars universe.

One glaring absence I noticed in the trailer was Jason Isaacs.  I wrote previously about the inclusion on Isaacs in the series and imdb.com still list him as playing Captain Lorca.  imdb.com also shows the series as being 13 episodes long, but CBS has expanded the inaugural season to 15 episodes and even added a following discussion show called “Talking Trek.”

U.S.S. Discovery from Star Trek: Discovery

Having the series appear on CBS Access (CBS’s paid subscription service) only and not the television network itself is a risky gamble. It would not surprise me if CBS airs the pilot on network television before shifting it over to CBS Access to attain maximum exposure.

Will enough hardcore “Trekkies” be willing to subscribe to the service to get their Star Trek fix? The Star Trek brand does carry a ton of value with a loyal fandom, but I don’t know.

FOX has their new sci-fi Star Trek-ish adventure comedy coming out this Fall as well with The Orville starring Seth MacFarlane, which looks terrific, however FOX is taking the traditional distribution route and putting it on network television.

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