New Cinnamon Flavored Pepsi Fire Hits The Streets

We have all done things in college we are not proud of and wish we could go back and undo.

Naked Miles. Stupid dares. Setting up ‘Slip -N-Slides” in the hallways of the dorms. Okay, that last one was actually fun.

Most of my bad decisions were preceded by drinking mass quantities of the following formula:


Geeky Daddy Movie Rating (14)
I’m not proud of myself…

While my ‘College Daze’ (Ha! Get it?) preceded camera phones (thank god), apparently somebody at Pepsi was watching because they decided to launch the same product….minus the best part: ALCOHOL!

Enter Pepsi Fire!

Currently being tested in limited release at some 7-Eleven convenience stores across Michigan as a Slurpee flavor, the hot cinnamon flavored Pepsi Fire made it’s debut this week.

pepsi fire slurpee
Wonder if we will see a “Pepsi Ice”?

Pepsi Fire is currently on the market in bottles and cans in various foreign markets and rumor has it hitting the U.S. market later this year.

Will this product provide an enjoyable drinking experience without the benefit of alcohol? Probably not.

Will Geeky Daddy search this product out to give it a try? You bet your Geeky butt I will!

Stay tuned…

pepsi shirt
Pepsi apparel available at

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