Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For May 7th

Hello again everyone!

This past Saturday we took Lil G-Man to his first Free Comic Book Day, which for a comic book geek, is like having Christmas, Lollapalooza & Halloween all on the same day!

Except…you know…you don’t have to be Christian, it doesn’t involve music and you don’t have to threaten anyone with tricks.

However you do get free comic books, people do dress up as heroes and you will most likely bump into people that look like they belong in a music festival.

Geeky Mommie did mention that she noticed the distinct body odor smell that only comes from spending the weekend gaming in your mom’s basement binging on Funyuns and Mt. Dew. How she knows this smell you may ask? She did live in the dorms while in college…

Judging from the picture, I may have had a more fun time than G-Man did.


Here are this week’s Monday Morning Meme Me options to choose from.

Please pick your favorite or, as always, you can leave your own meme idea in the comments below!

Option A

meme may 7th 1

Option B

meme may 7th 2

Option C

meme may 7th 3

Option D

meme may 7th 4

Option E

meme may 7th 5

And of course last week’s winner:

meme may 1st D

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