My Wife’s Post Baby Body Is Still Hot: Romance After The Baby

In addition to my roles as a daddy and Geeky Daddy, I am also a contributing author for Detroit City Mom’s Blog  The only daddy on the team, not that I am bragging or anything…

They are a terrific group of ladies that care passionately about community, motherhood and assisting any parents in need with advice, assistance or just someone to talk to about the struggles of parenthood.

I had a post published yesterday on their site regarding how I still find Geeky Mommie attractive after ten years together and one crazy high needs baby.

Our Wedding nearly 9 years ago

Many women become overly self conscious of the changes pregnancy puts on their bodies and worry about losing their attractiveness, which can attribute to severe postpartum depression.

My post is basically telling women to relax.  We are men, which means we are oblivious to most things, including but not limited to, small c-section scars, stretch marks or saying the right supportive things are the right time.

That does not mean we don’t still love you, it just means that most of us will never have backup careers writing Hallmark cards.

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