Are These Names Of Super-Heroes…Or Pornstars?


If your kid comes home from the Comic Con and says “Hey Mom! You wouldn’t believe what Elongated Man and Man-Thing just did to The Screamer”, don’t worry. He did not see what you are thinking he saw…

Believe it or not, these are just comic book characters.

Many comic book characters have names that could easily be interpreted as horribly inappropriate for underaged eyes to see.

Here is the Geeky Daddy List of the Top Ten Comic Book Characters with Pornstar Sounding Names.

10. Mr. Terrific

mr. terrific

I thought about putting picture of myself next to the name Mr. Terrific, but I don’t think Geeky Mommie has ever actually referred to me as Michael Holt’s alter ego…

Michael Holt is actually the second DC Comics character to go by the name “Mr. Terrific”, but he is the more commonly known of the two thanks to the CW television show “Arrow”.

In the comic universe, Mr. Terrific is one of the smartest people on the planet, obtaining an astonishing 14 Ph.D’s and founding his own company Cyberwear (that he later sold to Waynetech).

9. Mr. Fantastic

mr. fantastic

Seriously, what kind of egos are we dealing with that choose names like these?  At least they are geniuses to justify their egos..

Reed Richards is one of the brightest scientist in the Marvel universe and leader of the Fantastic Four (again with the egos…) as well as a comic book daddy. On a scientific trek into outer space, a solar flair from radiated his spaceship leaving Richards and his 3 person crew with new fantastic powers, hence the team name. He is also father to Franklin and Valeria, who have also developed super powers.

In Mr. Fantastic’s case, his super power could easily transition into the porn industry. He has the ability to stretch his body (or body part) into whatever shape he desires. How could that not make the ladies happy?

8. Elongated Man


Ralph Dibney has basically the exact same powers as Mr. Fantastic, but with a name more descriptive for that super power’s skill set. The creators of Elongated Man, John Broome, Carmaine Infantino and Julius Schwartz, choose this name not realizing that their employer at the time (DC Comics) already owned the rights to Plastic Man, a character with similar powers and a name that is an honorable mention on this list.

7. Colossal Boy

colossal boy

No, we are not talking about John Holmes.

The Legion of Super-Heroes roster is littered with goofy names. Almost as if somebody gave Gary Busey a pen and paper and said “Here, create a team of superheroes for us.” We have incredibly well thought out complex names such as Matter Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy, Karate Kid and Shrinking Violet, but Colossal Boy stands out among the crowd as being appropriate for this list.

6. The Whizzer

the whizzer

Initially a member of the villainous team Squadron Sinister, the Whizzer was more or less a Marvel copy of DC’s The Flash. After Squadron Sinister’s initial battle with the Avengers, the Whizzer had an epiphany and realized a couple of things.

A) That being a villain sucks and that he should change his life around and use his amazing powers for good and not evil. B) He probably got some goofy calls after Michael Vick was busted at an airport with the “Whizzanator” and realized a name change was in order. He now goes by the more suitable name “Speed Demon”.

5. Fruit Boy (No really, He is from the Legion of Super-Heroes)

fruit boy

Fruit Boy was nearly a member of the previously mentioned Legion of Super-Heroes but was rejected.  

He has the power to accelerate the growth of fruit which could come in handy if the Legion were forced to cater a large BBQ with fruit salad or something.

4. The Screamer


David Angar was a hippie who volunteered for an experiment that gave him super powers. His vocal cords were enhanced so his loud screams could induce hallucinations in others. He was then known as Angar, The Screamer!

Not the most intimidating of nicknames. I mean if you were trying to be the toughest guy in the cell block, going by “The Screamer” just isn’t going to cut it.

3. Captain Action

captain action

There was a guy I knew in the college dorms that we named “Captain Action” but for reasons unrelated to comic books. I am referring here to the brief Captain Action comic book series based off the toy line that was DC comic published in the 1960’s.

This series also has a place close to my heart because his son assisted as Captain Action’s sidekick for a time going by the heroic name “Action Boy”, but don’t expect to see Lil’ G and I fighting crime with a similar moniker anytime soon…

2. The Punisher


Sounding more like a series of German bondage porn rather than a comic book character, The Punisher is actually the anti-hero to which all other anti-heroes are measured.

Frank Castle is one of three daddies to make the list, but unfortunately both his children and wife were gunned down in a mafia crime shoot-out. Hence Frank Castle’s ensuing one man war on crime as the Punisher!

As a recent daddy, I can easily imagine myself taking a similar course of action if my child were gunned down. However, seeing that I don’t have the elite Marine training that Castle did, I imagine I wouldn’t have the same level of success against the criminal underworld that he has had.

1.  Man-Thing


Sounding more like a particular part of the male anatomy, Man-Thing is actually a character in the Marvel universe. His origin is a little more complicated than some of the others on our list, but basically this smart dude named Ted Sallis was attempting to recreate the super soldier serum that gave the world Captain America. While being chased down by bad guys who wanted the serum for their own dastardly plots, Sallis injected himself with the serum and fell into a swamp that was, of course, enchanted with magic (Why? Comic books, that’s why!)

What is more unclear about the character is why his creators decided to make his nose resemble a…well…man’s thing.

Honorable Mention: Plastic Man

plastic man

What do you think of my list? Any super hero names I missed that you think sound more adult oriented?

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G-Tested Product Review: Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug n’ Secure Swing

Lil’ G-Man recently got the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug n’ Secure Swing to use on his swing set. Even better, while normally about $26, Amazon Prime members can get it for $17.23 at the time of this article! The swing comes in blue or pink (G got the blue) and takes about a minute to put together. No idea how they make money on this – it’s also made in the USA.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.22.55 PM

It’s technically made for babies 9 months and older (up to 4 years/50 pounds), but we gave it a try a little early. The T-bar comes up to keep your baby secure and two shoulder straps further secure the swing. The fit seemed great for little G even though he’s on the smaller end (we tried it as early as 6.5 months and 17 pounds).

The T-Bar can be removed as he gets older and can secure himself, but we’ll have it in there for a while. The yellow rope straps connected perfectly with the attached s-shaped hook to our swing set. If you don’t have a set, you can buy tree hooks separately.

He seems to really love it – the higher the better! He also loves when I grab him and wait to release him to swing. It also swings on its own for a good minute without additional pushing (might be G swinging his little feet a bit).

Couple of quick tips though:

  1. The s-shaped hooks need to be facing opposite directions when you hang on your swing set or hook. If not, the swing won’t go straight.
  2. The shoulder straps hook is a bit tough to get undone. It did get better after the third or fourth time, but try it before securing your baby. Geeky Mommie and Geeky Grammy had a hard time getting it undone because of slightly longer nails. You have to push in and pull at the same time. I have nightmares of taking Lil’ G out on the swing without Geeky Daddy home and not being able to get him out! But luckily it loosened and I had no issues.

For less than $20, you seriously can’t go wrong with this. GeekyMommie highly recommends. Happy Swinging!

Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For May 29th

Happy Monday everyone and hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.

This Monday we are going to do a poll as opposed to our usual meme.

Was this Lil’ G-Man’s first crawl?  He obviously moved, but was it a “crawl”? We need your help to decide.

Please cast your vote in our poll.




baby kneepads
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Hellboy 66.6 Proof Cinnamon Whiskey Is Out In Time For Father’s Day!

I have always said, nothing says “I love you dad” like hard liquor and nothing says “I love you geek” more than comic book related merchandise.

Well now for Geeky Daddies you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone with the new Hellwater cinnamon whiskey! This micro distilled 66.6 proof corn whiskey is made with natural cinnamon flavoring and Smokey Mountain Spring water.

Hellwater is officially licensed through Darkhorse Comics and distributed by Prestige Imports.

The entire Geeky Family were at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend and one of the featured guest was Hellboy himself Ron Perlman!  My only regret is that I did not have a bottle of Hellwater with us for Perlman to autograph… and possible share a couple shots with.

“I could sure use a shot of Hellwater right now”

Hellwater is available here but you will need to be 21 or over: no sidekicks!

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I Spent $108,000 On Freemium Mobile Phone Games And All I Got Was This Lousy Divorce Notice.

We all know how “Freemium” games work: The game itself is free but real currency is required for certain characters, upgrades or whatever else. These games are hugely popular all over the world, but especially in Japan, where people spend more per capita on mobile phone games than North American consumers.

Some top Freemium games

“Freemium” games can easily become addictive and expensive, as one couple in Japan found out. Rocket News is reporting that a woman has turned to the internet for advice on how to handle it.

Her mother passed away 3 years ago and and left her a lump sum life insurance payout of eight million yen (roughly $71,900 USD at the time I write this). She deposited the money in a joint account she had with her husband that already contained their savings of four million yen, for a total of 12 million yen (around $108,000 USD).

However, when she recently checked the balance in the account and was shocked to find it empty! After the discovery, her husband nonchalantly admitted to spending about four thousand yen ($360 USD) per month on mobile phone gaming over the past couple years.

photo credit: Rocket News

Now she is considering divorce because to top it off, the dude refuses to apologize!

Obviously, I am making light of this situation, but this is a serious concern for anyone with addiction concerns or little sidekicks in their house that play these types of games. Part of why these games are so popular in Japan is because of their love of “gacha”, which is a game of chance. In gacha systems, not every purchase will yield a higher level character or whatever. This makes the games even more addictive to gamblers.

In this situation, the player was an adult who knowingly accepted the terms of these games, but many Freemium games are marketed and geared towards children who may not understand the difference between real currency and make believe.

Please keep an eye on your children and understand what games they are playing on their mobile phones and tablets. Also make sure to go over the “terms & conditions” of the games for any surprises.

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Top 5 Geeky Pets I Wish I Could Have

Here in Geeky Manor we have some riveting dialogues. Most of the time GeekyMommie rolls her eyes, but every so often she gets into the conversation. After watching Lil’ G-Man’s interest in petting (and then trying to gnaw on) our kitties and dog, it spurred a conversation on fictional pets.

While there are some awesome fictional dogs (Brian from the Family Guy, Snoopy, Dog Wonder, Timber from G.I. Joe), fictional cats (Battlecat) and even fictional owls (Hedwig), I kept the list to include truly fictional critters.



What: These cute, teddybear creatures from the moon of Endor are quite controversial in the Star Wars universe, creating a huge divide in Ewok lovers vs. haters. Thanks Jar-Jar Binks for making Ewok haters dislike you more than said Ewoks. There’s also a great clip on How I Met Your Mother where Barney discusses “The Ewok line” – essentially how the year you were born determines your love or hate of Ewoks. The recording is awful, but it’s too funny not to share.

Pros: These guys are pretty cute (they’re basically walking shih tzus), can take down the Empire with sticks and stones and have an adorable language.

Cons: You need to build them a tree house, I’m not sure if these guys would really be interested in being kept as pets and curious as to the poop situation. Can you litter train an Ewok, or are they more like feral Ewoks that can just poop outside in the trees? I wonder what the city’s policy is for picking up Ewok poop. They also might try to eat you, so yeah, there’s that.

Still Want One:  Try this barrel of ewoks or Wicket by Build-a-Bear.

IMG_20170402_143317 (2)
Geeky Mommie shared her ewoks with Lil’ G. Yes, those are the Kenner originals!



What: The dragon dog from The Neverending Story (which seriously also looks like a shih tzu!).

Pros: It’s a soft, fluffy dragon that can fly! Imagine how awesome the commute to work would be on Falcor. He’s also a luckdragon who can breathe blue fire, so who needs karma when you have Falcor instead. He also doesn’t need to eat (Luckdragons are constantly drawing heat and air into their scales) so no worries about a huge food bill and therefore making him better than any other dragon. I’d also assume this means he doesn’t have to poop, so total win-win scenario.

Cons: Falcor is a pretty big dragon so you’d need a lot of space for him. Maybe an RV port or something? Although it might be cool if he just wrapped himself around your house – I don’t think any burglars would mess with your house then. And while you’d probably save a ton on the heat bill in the winter, you’re going to get hammered on the air conditioning bill in the summer. I also think that the vet bill would be pretty high and he was kind of a wuss when he needed to get shots.

Still Want One: Falcor is super hard to find – you typically need to find one on Etsy for big bucks. Here’s an imported version that still has a steep price tag, but not as expensive as some of the others! It might make more sense to just get some Falcor artwork for way less money.

Grayson on Falcor
Grayson taking Falcor for a test drive.



What: Adorable little purring/cooing balls of fluff that come in multiple colors made famous in the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”. Harry Potter kind of knocked these off with Pygmy Puff’s, although those have cute little eyes, come in pink and purple and don’t breed quite as quickly.

Pros: They’re just so cute. And purring is pretty relaxing. It also has no claws or teeth, so safe and fun for the whole family.

Cons: These guys multiply like crazy and eat everything in sight. Think that you’d be fine with just having one? Nope – they’re born pregnant so you’re going to have multiple Tribbles no matter what. You can always sell them off though for a profit.

Still Want One: Try Tibble Toy’s dual-sound tribble. The balls of fluff in multiple, standard Tribble colors has cooing and agitated sounds. Luckily this one just makes sound – it doesn’t eat all your food and reproduce like crazy.

Grayson had no trouble with this tribble.



What: A small, furry cross between a rodent, koala and a Furby that can walk on two legs, grasp items in its cute little hands and make adorable sounds and sing. They have giant ears and expressive eyes. Made famous by Gizmo in the Gremlins, Mogwai actually means “devil” and “monster” in Cantonese. According to the novel before the movie, they were created on an alien planet to be peaceful little critters. The creator messed up though and only 1% of mogwai are loyal, adoring pet-like creatures. The rest pretty much want to kill you.

Pros: They’re really tiny and portable, you can dress them up in cute little outfits, they understand what you’re saying to them and are just super cute. You could also put them in little Barbie Corvettes or G.I. Joe armored vehicles and race them around the house! It seems as though they’d be easy to litter train as well. If you wanted to be evil, they reproduce pretty quickly and you can definitely sell these guys for a nice profit.

Cons: They just have so many rules. No sunlight, no water and no eating after midnight. Although honestly, is it really that hard to follow the rules? But I’ve always been curious, when can they start eating? Six in the morning, eight in the morning? And can they have liquids other than water? If you get them wet with Mt. Dew or a 5 Hour Energy Shot, will you have a half dozen Mogwai bouncing off the walls?

Still Want One: Get the 6″ Mogwai like Grayson has and likes to face palm or pony up a few more dollars for a replica puppet. It’s a Mogwai puppet – stand by as we go buy this right away.

Grayson enjoyed face palming the Mowgai pretty much every time we tried taking a picture!



What: Yellow, cylindrical critters that do your bidding. Minions look mostly the same, but can have one or two eyes with goggles over them and typically wear little overalls.

Pros: They are really loyal and are great around the house. They can cook, clean, run errands and even take care of your kids. I for one would love a pet who can change my kid’s diaper. And while they love bananas, I don’t think the overall food bill would be that high. I also think they’re functional enough to use a toilet on their own.

Cons: They can just as easily destroy your house while trying to clean it. I also am not sure that Child Protective Services would approve of minion baby-sitters. They also might steal your clothing to try on.

Still Want One: Minions are hot stuff and you can get Minion anything (action figures, toothpaste dispenser , blankets, Tic Tacs), but you can find the plush version here.

Just need goggles and G-Man would be the perfect Minion.

Honorable Mentions

Baby from Dinosaurs

This is another critter that probably wouldn’t appreciate being called a pet, but it would be so worth it to hear him say “Not the mama” on a regular basis, especially because Lil’ G-Man can only say “dada” right now. All. The. Time. Never “Mama”…not that I noticed or anything…

Buckbeak from Harry Potter

Flying creatures are always a plus in my book, but he’s a little moody, could eat you and seems a little unsafe for babies.

Toothless from How to Train a Dragon

Another amazing flying creature who can also destroy your enemies, but as mentioned with Falcor, since he has to eat and poop, he’s less appealing. He’s also not soft and fluffy like Falcor or Buckbeak.

What do you think? Are there any fictional critters you’d want as a pet?

Written in collaboration with Geeky Mommie, which is why the word “cute” is used repeatedly. Don’t want to dampen my street cred.

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Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For May 22nd 2017: Grayson’s 1st Comic Con!

Hello everyone and Merry Monday once again!

This past weekend, the entire Geeky Family ventured to the Motor City Comic Con for some cosplay, pop culture and comic book fun!

Please check out our commentary on day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Hence, this week’s meme involves Lil’ G-Man’s first encounter with Yandu Mary Poppins which left him a little confused about what to think…

Here are this week’s 5 memes to choose from.  Please comment below with your favorite and I will post the winner next Monday!

Meme 1:

meme may 22nd 1

Meme 2:

meme may 22nd 5


Meme 3:

meme may 22nd 2




Meme 4:

meme may 22nd 4

Meme 5:

meme may 22nd 3

Once again, please comment below with your favorite of this week’s memes.

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Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con Day 3

Day 3 (Sunday) is the last day of the Motor City Comic Con and mostly known for children’s cosplay and as being the best day to score deals on merchandise, toys and those hard to find back issues needed to complete old runs or story arcs. In my case, it was the purchase of one of my comic book “Holy Grails”, Captain America #100 from April 1968! Yeah!

cap am 100

You can view our articles about Motor City Comic Con Day 1 and Day 2 here.

I attend day 3 of conventions lone wolf (sans Geeky Mommie and Lil’ G) since they find me flipping through boxes of old comic books about as exciting as watching artificial grass grow. So I am behind the camera for all of today’s cosplay pics.

But let me get back on topic…

Harry Potter, Hermione & Hedwig

Cosplay wise, the heroes definitely outnumbered the villains today. Lots of Captain America’s created a very patriotic setting.

But the Empire did still have a strong presence.

We had plenty of heroes from the 80’s!

And some scary characters as well.

Plenty of sci-fi cosplay.

And lots of anti-heroes that blur the lines between good and evil:

All types of characters from TV, comics, movies and video games:

Here are a few of the highlights of my trip to Motor City Comic Con Day 3:

While walking around, I shared a wisecrack with a person walking just behind me. As we rounded a corner, I heard cheering and somebody yelling “Wheaton!” Turned out the person I was joking with was the bearded Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Big Bang Theory fame.

I was approached by a young lady and asked if I was single. For a moment I thought “Hey, Geeky Daddy’s still got it!”  Nope, turns out one of the start-ups at the show is an app for geeky dating and they wanted me to fill out a profile.

I bumped into the cutest little Wonder Woman at the show! Our good friends Chris & Sheila’s daughter Abby in full armor and looking tough! She actually is pretty tough too, having taking some classes at our local Krav Maga studio.

Abby can be very intimidating

I was unfortunately unable to stay for the kid’s cosplay contest, but based on what I saw walking around, I’m sure it would have been a great show!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my commentary of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con!

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Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 2

Saturday (day 2) tends to be the busiest of the three days for the Motor City Comic Con and this year was no exception! At 3 p.m., the line for advance ticket holders to get in the door was still 500 people deep…easy!

There are a few reasons why Saturdays have the most visitors. The first obvious reason is that people are off work and their kids are out of school.

Another is that many media celebrities don’t arrive until Friday evening because they spend the week working on current television productions, movies or other projects. Once at the Con, some celebrities do so well selling autographs and photo shoots on Saturday that they simply prefer to head home Sunday and not spend the extra day away from their families.

IMG_20170520_112307 (1)
Geeky Mommie, myself, G-Man and our good friend (& celebrity chaperone for the Con) John Carra.

It is always a little exhilarating to see stars such as Ron Perlman or Lou Ferrigno in person, but it is important to remember that, in most cases, they are regular “Fanboys” and “Fangirls” like the rest of us.

I remember a couple years ago at the Motor City Comic Con, I was looking at some He-man art at an artist booth when I overheard the person next to me negotiating a trade with the artist.  Turned out the gentlemen to my left was Cary Elwes (Princess Bride)!

He was on break from his own booth, so he put on a cap and was checking out the show. He was a fan of the artist and was trading some personalized autographed headshots made out to the artist’s daughter for some original sketches.

Pretty darn cool!


cary elwes
“As you wish.”

As I mentioned in my post about Day 1, my favorite part of any Con is the cosplay and the people watching!

So with this being Lil’ G-man’s first Comic Con, we knew we needed to have him in costume!

Happily arriving at the Con

Plan A was for me to be dressed in Luke Skywalker gear and wear Lil’G on my back dressed as Yoda (ala ‘Empire Strikes Back’). Unfortunately, this morning G was not having it with the headgear (probably because it covers us his amazing hair), so we had to change plans.

“Fussy baby, I am.”

So Geeky Mommie and I pulled an audible and raided the basement’s Halloween cabinet for costumes. It was decided that a Ghostbuster and Mr. Stay Puft would be our alias’ today and it could not have gone any better!

Comic Con 2017
“He is sooo cute! Oh, and there is a baby too!”

We toured the convention center to the nonstop sounds of “What an adorable Mr. Stay Puft!”, “Look at the Mini Mr. Stay Puft!” and “Ahh..How cute!” The last comment I am assuming were mostly directed towards me and not G, but who knows…

We met the genie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, who entertained Lil G with a fun game of Peek-A-Boo.

PeeWee's Playhouse
“Mecha Lech Hi Mech Hinnie Ho”

We had a quick interview with Nick Moretti of Comics, Beer & Sci-Fi, that should air sometime in the fall! Thanks Nick!

Geeky Daddy, a tired G-Man, Nick Moretti with a complete rando looking on…

We met other real Ghostbusters (who put my store bought costume to shame).

We met multiple agents of the Empire.

Thankfully, there were also heroes there to keep us safe! Lil’ G loved all their lightsabers, so we know he’s for sure my kid!

We met a Guardian of the Galaxy (that Grayson wasn’t sure what to think of…)

And various other heroes & villains!

We even met a couple of real @$$holes…from ‘Spaceballs’

Who made that man a gunner?!?

Ever since we found out we were expecting a little Padawan, I had been looking forward to taking him (or her) to their first Comic Con! The experience of seeing all the vintage toys and Golden-Age comic book covers, the thrill of flipping through the $0.50 comic back issue boxes, and the camaraderie that all the cosplayers show to each other is something that must be experienced at least once.

Lil’ G-Man stayed awake for the whole event like a trooper but was fast asleep in his car seat before we even pulled out of the parking lot.

Shhh…The baby is sleeping.

Overall, I think the whole Geeky Family had a great day!

Stay tuned for notes on Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 3!

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Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 1 (Updated with more Cosplay)


Today was day 1 of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con and, of course, Geeky Daddy was there!

motor city 3
Geeky Daddy & Uncle Josh with The Hillsdale Batman & Supergirl

Uncle Josh joined me on today’s trip to the ‘Con’ and Geeky Mommie and Lil G will be joining me tomorrow.

Around 200 comic book, collectible and vintage toy dealers, independent artists and writers, comic book and media celebrities and crafters were there to showcase their talents and inventory.

Geeky Daddy with the talented Tiffany of Penguin Attacks Studios

This was Uncle Josh’s first Comic Con and what I was most interested to introduce him to was the wonderful world of Cosplay! I described Cosplay to him as people who enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters.

He was confused at first, but as you can see from the pictures, caught on quickly!

motor city 9

We had a fun time and met an interesting and diverse cast of characters!

Can’t wait till tomorrow when Geeky Mommie and I take Lil’ G to his first Comic Con!

Stay tuned for more!

Updated 5/20/17 with more cosplay!

Captain Rex was in the house!
“Multi Pass Corben Dallas”


We raced and I won!
Odd couple
With Wolverine & Catwoman

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