Would You Watch A Black & White Logan In Theaters?

The X-Men movie Logan has already grossed over $600 million dollars worldwide and could possible do more.

Director James Mangold hinted previously that when the movie is released on DVD, it would come with a black & white version of the film.

Per Comicbookmovie.com, now it looks like United States audiences will be able to see the black & white version in theaters later this May!

LOGAN James Mangold Confirms A Black White Version Is Coming To U.S. Theaters Next Month

This is pretty interesting because to properly take a color movie and re-release in black & white, the film must be regraded.  Not a quick or cheap process.

I would be curious to see what type of reception this version of the film receives at the theaters.

While I liked a lot of pieces of the movie Logan, I didn’t overly enjoy the movie as a whole.  I just thought it was a little to depressing and led to a predictable, even more depressing, ending.

You can read my unpopular review of the movie Logan here. 

logan movie
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