Unable To Find An NES Classic? Maybe You Will Have Better Luck With An SNES Classic This Fall

Eurogamer is reporting that Nintendo plans to launch their new SNES Mini (which will probably be called the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) by Christmas this year!

This does coincide with an official release by Nintendo saying that they had never intended the Nintendo Classic Mini to be an ongoing product. It was originally a Christmas limited release, but sales warranted more shipments.


Hopefully Nintendo has all their supply chain issues resolved so there is no repeat of availability issues with the new unit. Geeky Daddy was able to secure our NES Classic and thought the system had great nostalgic value, but 8 bit graphics are not always as fun as we remembered from our youth.

The 16-bit Super Nintendo was one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles and a mini version should prove extremely successful.

No specifics regarding which games or the hardware have been released yet, but Geeky Daddy will keep you up to date.

Ironically, the Sega Genesis Classic has had no supply (or demand) issues

Available on Amazon.com

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