Did Harrison Ford Just (Poorly) Tease That Han Solo Is Still Alive?

WARNING: Star Wars Force Awakens Spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably aren’t reading this anyway…

At the Star Wars Celebration, George Lucas and Harrison Ford made a surprise appearance at the live on stage portion of the show.

harrison & george
Insert “George-Harrison” joke here. Source stuff.co

That was when Harrison Ford, being typical Harrison Ford, made things a little ackward…

When asked about his excitement to watch the upcoming Han Solo stand alone film as a fan, his response was a nonchalant “Not really, it’ll be a little weird.”

While probably not the enthusiastic build-up for their upcoming major investment that Disney executives would have liked to have seen from him, that response is very Harrison Ford-ish.  Give the guy credit for staying true to himself I guess.

Then it got more awkward, even by Harrison standards…

He followed up the not-so-endorsement of the Han Solo film with “I’m not dead. I’m just resting.”

It sounds like Ford is trying to quote the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the guy is trying to hand off a sickly relative to the dead collector but the relative repeats “I’m not dead!”

“I’m getting better”

Although there is no line in the scene about resting.

Was Harrison simply making a poor dad joke (which I have been told I do at an extremely high level now) or was he hinting that Han Solo did not actually die in The Force Awakens? Technically, we never did see a corpse. Could there a plot twist on the horizon? Did Kylo Ren use some force technique to keep Han alive after stabbing him?

solo cup
Get it?

Or did Harrison hit “happy hour” prior to the engagement with to much Force?

I think he was simply trying to make a joke, but who knows?



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