Was Captain Rex From Star Wars Rebels In Return Of The Jedi 24 Years Ago?

It seems that Star Wars head man Dave Filoni is a fan of fan theories, which is fun to see.

Ever since Captain Rex appeared in Star Wars Rebels with his bushy Santa Claus-ish beard, fan theories have been circulating that he was one of the rebels that helped blow the shield generator on the moon of Endor in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. (Rex was clean shaven in the Star Wars Clone Wars series)

Per io9, at the Animated Origins at Celebration Orlando, Filoni dropped a bit of a teaser for the upcoming Rebels panel later this weekend.  In the presentation, an image of Rex ditching is old Clone Trooper armor for more of a camouflage outfit similar to that worn by the rebels on the moon of Endor.

Star Wars Rebels Could Soon Confirm One Beloved Fan Theory About Captain Rex

“What’s that? That’s some kind of… don’t pay any attention to that. That shouldn’t even be in this folder!” joked Filoni after the image displayed.  “Just speculate away, we’re putting it out there.” added added Lucasfilm story group executive Pablo Hidalgo.

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