Lil’ G-Man Meets A 1.5 Pound Baby Goat

We had a family get together the other evening and Grayson met a new little friend: a 1.5 pound baby goat named Bebe (short for Bumble Bee).

Beebee of Daisy Hill Farms

My wife’s cousins Roger & Amy have Daisy Hill Farms in Clarkston Michigan and one of their goats had triplets last week. The two males were born at small (about half the size of a normal goat) but little Bebe was extremely small (1/4 the size!) and was truly a miracle for surviving! So at just 2 days old, Bebe joined us for dinner because she needs to be bottle fed and kept warm.

Geeky Mommie, Bebe the baby goat, Geeky Grammy & Lil’ G-Man

Bebe reminded Lil G-Man of his favorite JellyCat puppy Alfred who usually rides in the car with him.  So Lil’G-Man enjoyed playing and petting Beebee…and maybe even attempted to put Beebee’s ear in his mouth.

We do not Gnaw on our Kit ee YouTube
“We do not gnaw on our kitty”

Everybody had a great time, including Geeky Grammy and Uncle Josh





But like all good times, the night had to end.


Sidenote: Should I be worried my baby so resembles Kevin from The Office? Jellycat Bashful Black
Jellycat toys are available on

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