Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For April 11th

Hello again everyone and welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Meme Me with Grayson!

First let me share with you last week’s winner: No Amelia Milk are for closers!

meme april 3rd 3

Today we are going to turn the clock back to November with Lil’ G-Man was around a month old.  Think of it as a Throwback Thursday…just on Monday.


Here are the 3 Meme’s to choose from or feel free to submit your own suggestion!

Option 1:

meme April 11th 1

Option 2:

meme April 11th 2

Option 3:

meme April 11th 3

Please comment below with your selection (or write in your own meme) for this week’s winner and please to visit and support Amazon through  Amazon helps keep Lil’ G-Man in fresh Pampers…and he goes through a lot of them! Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size 3 162 Count Health Personal Care
Pampers are available at

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