Ford Technology Used For New Car Ride Simulating Baby Crib

According to Ford’s research, parents of newborns lose 44 days worth of sleep over the baby’s first year.  As a parent of a baby that had extreme Colic, I am telling you that Ford’s estimate is very conservative…

One of the most successful parenting hacks to help sooth the baby to sleep is to take baby for a car ride.  This is also one of the most dangerous hacks because it puts a number of overly fatigued drivers on the road.

In an effort to combat this danger, Ford’s Spanish design studio Espada y Santa Cruz developed Max Motor Dreams – a stationary cot that simulates a car’s sounds, motion and lighting to lull baby to sleep.


Per Wards Auto, the parent collects the sensory elements of the ride via a smartphone app and transmits them to the cot, which combines low engine sound, a gently rocking motion and surrounding LED lights simulating passing streetlights.

While this unit is a one off pilot, Ford has said that it has received numerous inquiries about the product and is considering moving it into production.

A hack we tried when Lil’ G-Man was small, was strapping him in the car seat then placing the car seat on the running laundry dryer. It is a trick that worked for some of our friends but unfortunately failed for us because we have too efficient of a dryer.

Although we did have good success with the 4 Moms mamaRoo baby swing.  It has 5 unique motions that mimic how parents move the baby while holding him, as well as various audio settings. 4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing Grey Classic Baby
4Moms mamaRoo Available on

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