How Close Did Joe Manganiello Come To Playing Superman In “Man Of Steel”?

Uproxx has an interesting article about an interview Joe Manganiello had recently with an MTV podcast where he discussed many roles….including Superman.

joe superman

In the interview, he revealed that he had meetings with The Man Of Steel producers Jon Jashni and Thomas Tull which lead to a 90 minute meeting with director Zack Snyder.  It was in the meeting with Snyder that the director called the HBO costume department to get Manganiello’s sizes, that things fell apart.

Before Joe Manganiello Was Deathstroke He Nearly Played Superman
Transcribed by Screen Rant

I assume from Manganiello’s interview that the issue was scheduling between the filming of True Blood and the shoot schedule for Man Of Steel.

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It is interesting to think about how much “Man of Steel” (and “Batman V. Superman”) would have been different without Henry Cavill.  I really don’t see them changing much and True Blood was definitely a positive for Manganiello’s career.

To my knowledge, Joe Manganiello is still scheduled to play one of DC’s best villains, Deathstroke, in the much delayed but hopefully still being made Ben Affleck “The Batman” movie.

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