Lil’ G-Man Test Drives (Swims) Swimava Neck Ring Part 2: At The Pool (W/ Video)

Lil’ G-Man loves playing in the bath.  I don’t think anything makes him happier than splashing away.

So about 2 weeks ago we introduced Lil G to the Swimava Neck Ring in the bathtube and he took to it, well, like a fish to water.

We took Lil’ G-Man to the pool the other day to see how he liked that.


Other than not being a fan of the water temperature being cooler than the bath tube, he had a great time with the Swimava. He loved being able to kick his feet and grab his toes.  The Swimava Neck Ring is great as well because it keeps G-Man’s head above water at all times and the inflated tube protects him if he does drift to close to the walls.

We also got him the Swimava Baby & Toddler Pool to play in.  We could fill this with warmer water which made him very happy.  He loves to drift up to the wall then use his legs to push off. Swimava Compact Bath Tub for Baby and Toddler POOL P2 Small Baby


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