Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For April 3rd 2017

Merry Monday everyone!

We are going to change the format with the Monday Morning Meme a little bit again.

I am going to post 3 Grayson Memes and I would like to have you vote in the comment section below for the winner. We will announce the winning Meme of the week next Monday with the next meme!

Here are this week’s options:


meme april 3rd 1


meme april 3rd 2


meme april 3rd 3

And last week’s winner for which daycare “picture day” proof we will be printing on a canvas:  Option 3 which we have been calling either “Rolly Polly”, “Grayson Down” or “Grayson’s Easter Egg Impression”.

“uhhh….little help here guys.  Please?  Anyone?”

Please comment below or our poll with your vote for this week’s Monday Morning Meme Me with Grayson!

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