Would You Watch A Black & White Logan In Theaters?

The X-Men movie Logan has already grossed over $600 million dollars worldwide and could possible do more.

Director James Mangold hinted previously that when the movie is released on DVD, it would come with a black & white version of the film.

Per Comicbookmovie.com, now it looks like United States audiences will be able to see the black & white version in theaters later this May!

LOGAN James Mangold Confirms A Black White Version Is Coming To U.S. Theaters Next Month

This is pretty interesting because to properly take a color movie and re-release in black & white, the film must be regraded.  Not a quick or cheap process.

I would be curious to see what type of reception this version of the film receives at the theaters.

While I liked a lot of pieces of the movie Logan, I didn’t overly enjoy the movie as a whole.  I just thought it was a little to depressing and led to a predictable, even more depressing, ending.

You can read my unpopular review of the movie Logan here. 

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I Wish I Was As Creative As This Dad That Turned His Kid’s Toy Cars Into Mad Max Fury Road Cars

Bored Panda found a dad that is much more creative than I am. And I’m jealous!

Ian Pfaff is so much more talented than me.  This California based director took his children’s Little Tykes Cozy Coupes and upped their bad-assery ten-fold.

He took computer junk, an old espresso machine, a Rock em Sock em robot and whatever else he could find and turned his kids cars into true Mad Max Fury Road mobiles!

Any work of art needs to start with the right canvas. Source: Bored Panda
Upgrades have begun! Source Bored Panda
Let’s roll! Source: Bored Panda
Ian Pfeff and his pride and joys. Source: Bored Panda
Source: Bored Panda
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Ever Imagine Yourself Playing Mario Kart Through The Aisles Of Target? Imagine No More!

Seriously, who hasn’t had shopping cart races at the store when they were young.

I remember in college, we would pile into cars by the baker’s dozen and head over to the 24 hour Meijers grocery store just to have grocery cart derbies and races through the store.  Nothing beats that feeling of slamming a friend into an end cap of pet supplies…

There wasn’t a whole lot to do on campus after midnight’s where I went…

Anyway, Mario Kart 8 launches for the Nintendo Switch April 28th and Target has entered into a co-promotion with Nintendo to spice up 650 Target stores with some mustached Italian plumber action!

mario balls
“Its-a Me. Mario. & Luigi”

(Admit it, you read that caption in Mario’s voice.)

The big red bollards (those huge red sphere’s designed to stop stray cars – I didn’t know they had a name either) will be covered to resemble our favorite plumbers.

Mario doors

The front doors will have motion sensors that play Mario themed music.

And of course some of the carts will be decked out with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

mario carts
watch out for banana peels and turtle shells

You can read more about the promotion here.

With a little help from our green screen, Lil’ G-Man enjoys himself a little Mario Kart as well.


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Rumors Have Mr. Robot Creator In Talks To Write A Kenobi Standalone Film

Rumors about a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film are nothing new, but took an interesting turn recently.

Omega Underground is reporting that Mr. Robot creator, writer and sometimes director Sam Esmail has taken multiple pitch meetings with Lucasfilm.  The project is believed to be an Obi-Wan Kenobi anthology (standalone) movie to take place between episodes III and IV of the series.

Mr. Robot is a critically acclaimed series that debuted in 2015 on the USA Network about a vigilante hacker.


Full disclosure: I have not seen any episodes of the series (with a 6 month old rolling around the house, I have not been able to watch as much TV as I used to), but everyone I have mentioned it to tells me I need to start watching it.

Whomever ends up penning the rumored film will need to make it very character driven, as 2 hours of watching Ewan Mcgregor (hopefully & presumably) sitting around a desert meditating could get old real quick…

In the old expanded universe (now called Star Wars Legends), there was a very good Scholastic series about Kenobi in this time period call Star Wars: Last of the Jedi.  A surviving padawan tracked Kenobi down and informed him of a message a few Order 66 survivors received from Yoda to meet on an asteroid. Kenobi tried convincing the Padawan that Yoda would not have sent that message but the surviving Jedi and Padawans went anyway to what turned out to be an ambush by Darth Vader.

This was also when Kenobi tried giving Uncle Owen Anakin’s lightsaber to hold onto for Luke, but Owen wouldn’t allow it.

I always thought that story would have made a terrific movie.


last of the jedi
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New He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Movie Gets Release Date…Just Not Officially yet

A mysterious Tweet came out yesterday that Sony has yet to confirm.

Sony s New Masters Of The Universe Movie Gets A Release Date Kind Of Bleeding Cool Comic Book Movie TV News

If you are a He-Man fan like me, a new Masters of the Universe movie can’t come soon enough!

Partially because we are fans of the original toy line and cartoon, but mostly so we can forget 1987’s Dolph Lundgren craptastrophy of a film ever happened.

For those who don’t remember or wish to torture yourselves…

There has been talk of a remake for quite sometime and film maker McG (not sure if that is really on his driver’s license or not) still has the rights to the project.  He is mostly known for directing the Charlie’s Angels movies and Terminator Salvation, as well as some recent TV projects including Lethal Weapon.

Recently, he did hire comic book and Thor writer Christopher Yost to pen a new script.  This is a good move based on his work on Thor’s world of Asgard, which could easily parallel the world of Eternia.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was also rumored to be attached to this project at one time, but then again, what movie projects over the past 5 years has he not been attached to?

I will update this once Sony confirms or denies the release date.

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Lost Stars, The Best New Canon Star Wars Novel, Is Being Turned Into Manga You Can Access For Free

io9 reports that the Claudia Grey Star Wars novel Lost Stars is becoming the basis for a new digital Manga series available for free through the popular Manga app Line.

This novel is by far the best of the new canon books and an excellent jumping on point for new readers.  The book follows the perspectives of Ciena Ree & Thane Kyrell through the course of the Galactic Civil War.  It begins at the conclusion of the Clone Wars, takes us through all the major events of the original trilogy and even the Battle of Jakku, that is referenced heavily at the beginning of The Force Awakens.

Available on Amazon.com

The series will be illustrated by Avengers zombie manga artist Yusaku Komiyama and will begin begin released bi-weekly on May 4th.

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“Powerless” Lacked Power To Stay On The Air

Unfortunately, I think everyone who kept an eye on the ratings saw this coming eventually.

While NBC has yet to make an official announcement, Powerless has been pulled from their Thursday night time slot and replaced with reruns of Superstore.

The show started off with poor ratings and never really found itself. Initially meant to be about an insurance company that handles damage claims from superhero encounters (similar to Marvel’s Damage Control), the pilot took on extensive late re-shoots to become about the R & D department of Wayne Tech.

Stars of Powerless. Source: BleedingCool News

While I was not a huge fan of the Powerless, my wife and I did watch it and did find the series entertaining. While some of the humor did seem rather forced initially, I thought the chemistry of the main three (Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi) did improve week over week and Christina Kirk’s deadpan sarcasm was always delivered perfectly.

An official statement from NBC should be coming soon.

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3 Things In This World That I Love Are are The Guardians Of The Galaxy, 80’s Music And Doritos. And Now They Are Being Combined!

I loved the soundtrack to the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie! The producers did an incredible job picking some of the most iconic 80’s music that fit the right mood at the right time of the film. They even stayed true to the film by releasing it on cassette!

Source: Marvel

Well they found a way to one up that for the sequel with a new form of media to release the soundtrack on: Doritos bags!

The limited edition bags will be available on Amazon beginning May 5th and will feature a headphone or aux style plug in to listen to the entire Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 soundtrack.  The bag is even rechargable!

And yes, the Doritos chips are included.

Source: Frito-Lay

Here is the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 set list.


The soundtrack from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie finished 2014 as the top selling Billboard 200 album, making it the first soundtrack comprised entirely of pre-released music to do so.

I will update this article with a link to the Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition Doritos Bag when available on May 5th!

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Are Jedi The Absolute Worst Mentors In The Galaxy?

Spoiler Alert: Yes. They are.

Seriously, if there was a galactic department of child protective services, they would need to step in.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yoda. Luke Skywalker.

All these guys took on young apprentices who later rose to become evil despots that conquered the galaxy.

I mean these guys put minors in dangerous situations more often than Batman.

batman & Robin

And if that wasn’t bad enough, each then ran away from taking responsibility for their unwitting mistakes and hid on a desert world, in a swamp or on an island, while the Sith Lord they helped create amassed more power.

Let’s start off with Star Wars: A New Hope and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the first Jedi we ever meet in this universe. He starts off alright. Giving Luke a gift that his “father wanted him to have but his uncle wouldn’t allow it”.

However with zero warning or explanation of what the gift is or how it works, he just hands it over to Luke, who immediately pointed the business end at his face and nearly activates it.

luke skywalker points lightsaber at face Google Search
“Here. Your father used this to slaughter children.”

This is the Star Wars galaxy equivalent of handing a child a loaded gun with the safety off and saying “here, go play.”

Through the following movies, we learn more of Kenobi and the Jedi’s back story, and the more we learned, the worse they became.

Kenobi at one point set out to kill Luke’s father, Anakin, who had turned to the dark side and murdered Jedi & “younglings.” That was honorable of Kenobi.

However upon severing several of Anakin’s limbs (because, as we all learned, one of the basic rules of war is never attack when your opponent has the high ground, which is only slightly less well known than this, never match wits with a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha Ha Ha…)

Sorry..got sidetracked. Very little sleep this week.

Upon severing several of Anakin’s limbs, Kenobi not only failed to seal the deal, he simply turned around and left, like a James Bond film antagonist. Leaving Anakin alive, wounded and pissed.

This was his former apprentice and “brother” that he left half barbecued to die an excruciatingly slow and painful death. What a dick!


But it’s ok. Kenobi and Yoda had a plan!

They would hide on separate planets for eighteen years or so (while Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader accumulate more power, larger armies & enslave countless worlds) so they could then send a new young apprentice out to kill his own parent! How jacked up is that!?! Who comes up with a revenge plan that vindictive?

Gandolf never would have pulled this crap on Frodo, much less ghost idly by while he open mouth kissed his sister!

Obi-Wan could have warned him…

But then again, at their peak, the Jedi were glorified human traffickers.

Basically, if a child was born winning the genetic lottery (heightened levels of tiny bacteria called “Midichlorians” which connected them to the Force – hey, I didn’t write it), the Jedi would take them away from their families and raise them in covenant to be devoid of any attachments to family for the rest of their life. Pretty jacked.

But don’t worry. Now that the Jedi Order is no more and our boy Luke Skywalker is in charge, things will be different right?

Well…if by “different” you mean “pretty much the exact same thing”, then…yes.

So things are still a little hazy, but we know that Luke trained his own nephew, Ben Solo, in the ways of the Force to become a Jedi.

At some point along the way however, Ben emphatically decides to go full emo millennial and that the family business is not for him, turns evil and kills the other students.


Luke, following in the footsteps of his mentor Kenobi, decides that rather than do something about the Force mess he helped create, the best course of action would be to run away and hide while his former apprentice accumulates power, commits mass murder and pretty much runs amuck of the entire galaxy.

We thought he was annoying when he was just whining about going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters, but now Luke Skywalker appears to be the worst mentor and Jedi of all time!


Especially if Rey turns out to be his child (which I don’t think is the case – I still think she will relate to Kenobi somehow because of their similar outfits and British accents while the producers made sure John Boyega lost his), then he is also the galaxies worst deadbeat dad on top of it!

He ran off and spent the past dozen years or so on the Hawaii of the galaxy while young Rey was left with the shadiest business man on Jakku (the Saharan desert of the galaxy). No birthday cards, no child support payments or even check to see if she is still alive!

We know his family values are already somewhat questionable: The dude did open mouth kiss his sister.

I guess to sum things up, let’s steal a lyric from Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings:


“Mamma’s don’t let your children grow up to be Jedi”

From what we have seen so far, becoming a Jedi apprentice never ends in a happily ever after. It appears that their health care plan isn’t so bad, but no pension plan or early retirement options.

Your options are (A) dying violently in battle after having a hand cut off,  (B) dying violently in battle after turning evil and having a hand cut off or (C) living out your lonely days in exile in a swamp.


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Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For April 24th

Merry Monday once again everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sorry for the decline in post over the past few days.  The Stomach Flu had me sleeping on the bathroom floor for a few nights and then I got sidetracked on a remodeling project.

Lil’ G is now rolling around and trying to crawl which means I am now converting the basement from a storage area to a new play area, which I will post about soon.

Hopefully this week things will get back to the usual schedule.

Well, without further ado, here are this week’s memes:

Option 1:

meme April 24th 1

Option 2:

meme april 24th 2

Option 3:

meme april 24th 3


Option 4:

meme april 24th 4

Option 5:

meme april 24th 5

Please comment below with your pick for this week’s Monday Morning Meme Me with Grayson!

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