Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson for March 27th

Merry Monday everyone!

This week we are going to turn the clocks back a few months to when Lil G-Man was first learning to NOT cross his eyes.

It used to creep me out when he would focus in on objects close to his face and go cross eyed on me.  Although, I gotta say, I am thankful that he never did have one eye go up and the other go down.  That would have really messed with my head!

Here is this week’s pic.  As usual, please comment below with your suggestions for a meme with this image.  I created a few examples to get your geeky minds goin’…


And here are the the examples:

Grayson meme 3-27 1

Grayson meme 3-27 2

grayson meme 3-27 3

grayson meme 3-27 4

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