Too Drunk To Find Your Way Home? There Is An App For That (In Tokyo At Least)!

I love Tokyo!  Visiting there is like travelling into the future!

Remember when I wrote about their sliced chocolate! Yum!

But one thing that takes a Ph.D to figure out their is their mass transit rail system.  There are three different lines that all use their own stations, their own pay cards and their own rails.  On top of that, many trains shut down after evening rush hour.

Now imagine trying to keep this all straight after you have been out with your pals slamming back some Asahi (my favorite Japanese Beer) or some Sake. Talk about a Kobayashi Mauru!


Well Rocket News reports that software developer Val Labratory has developed a “Drunk Mode” for their Ekisupaato (from the Japanese word eki for“station”) railway navigation app.  Simply enter in your home station (preferably while sober) then party on!

When you have had enough (or the bartender tells you that you have) simply hit home and the app navigates you home utilizing the best railways (including their schedules and last trains of the night).


Don’t be like this guy…

drunk in tokyo

Amazon Echo Dot Add Alexa to any room


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