New Matrix Movie Possibly A Prequel With A Young Morpheus; But Not A Reboot

Rumors of a new Matrix movie coming out have be flying through the airwaves like the green coding that Neo sees.

“Hey, did you hear about the cop buddy comedy Matrix Reboot with Agent Smith and Neo!”

Okay…I just made that one up.

Just pretend these are all Matrix rumors…

Movie Pilot is reporting that the talented screenwriter attached to the project has decided to attempt to clean up this glitch…sort of.

Zak Penn, whose screenwriting credits include X2 & Avengers, has tweeted that the new movie he is working on will not be a reboot, but will instead take inspiration from the Animatrix (an animated anthology that took place in the same universe as the Matrix trilogy).

Will The Matrix Reboot Instead Be A Morpheus Prequel
Zak Penn’s Tweet per

This tweet does coincide with other rumblings we have been hearing that Michael B. Jordan (Creed and some crappy Fantastic Four movie nobody ever saw…) would be starring as a young Morpheus.

This is a much better idea than a reboot. Learn from Star Wars and other franchises that have built a universe and not re-booted consistently like an old Windows PC.

While this is just one of several ideas being kicked around by Warner Bros, I love this idea of exploring Morpheus’s origin as a movie! Very little of his pre-Neo history has ever been explained in the movies or comics.


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