Coolest Playset Ever Teaches Kids Basic Engine Repair!

When talking to a car mechanic I often nod my head as if I understand what they are talking about.  Little secret: I never do.

If the engine of my car stops working, I have no idea what to do.  Unless the fuel gauge shows “empty”.  Then I get all cocky and I am like “I’ve got this covered!”

If only there were some type of learning platform I could have utilized as a child to learn basic car maintenance.

Have no fear, Hammacher Schlemmer is here with their Car Lover’s Engine Repair Kit!



This playset is so cool! On the front half, the hood pops open allowing future mechanics to check the oil, change the air filter, check the brakes, removable spark plugs and more!

Car Lover s Engine Repair Set YouTube

The playset comes with working head lights, horn and multiple play tools to get your aspiring mechanic off to the right start!

There is a lot to this playset for just $100 on !

car lovers 3
Available on

If tractors are more your child’s thing than cars (or you want to make sure your son has the skillz to really impress the girls on some day), there is also a John Deere version!



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