Lil G-Man Test Drives (Swims) The Swimava Neck Ring (Part 1 w/ video)

Lil G-Man loves splashing at bath time so have been seeking out some fun bath/swim toys for him and came across this gem!

The Swimava Neck Ring!

Swimava makes a whole series of swimming accessories for babies and toddlers.

The inflatable neck ring buckles around around his neck to support his head and keep it above water. (Obviously, you still need to watch your baby closely any time they are in water).  But this gives your baby the opportunity to kick and splash away while still keeping them safe.

One safety warning clearly states not to leave your baby in the tube for more than 20 minutes. This is for concern that your baby can tire out of kicking and risk of hypothermia.

We bought a package that included the G-1 ring in the Blue Train pattern (suitable for babies over 1 month old), a ducky swim diaper and a baby pool. The G-2 ring is for toddlers – so make sure you get the one that goes around their head.

Lil’ G-Man was a bit skeptical at first when we put the ring around his neck, but didn’t fuss much. It’s way harder putting a onesie over his huge noggin (seriously, he’s in the 10% percentile for weight and the 55%+ for head size!!!). We put him in the tub to try it out and within about a second he was loving it. Can’t wait to try him out in the pool, so stay tuned for that video!

Right now Amazon only shows the toddler Swimava and not the baby version we have, but tcheck it out! Swimava G 2 Ivory Swimming Float Toddler Size Baby
Toddler size available on

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