Lil’G-Man Test Drives Front Carry LilleBaby

(Warning: Only watch this video is you love giggling happy babies)

In memory of the beautiful weather we had a few weeks ago, let’s talk about the Lillebaby All Seasons carrier. Kind of funny that it’s called “All Seasons” because it feels like we’ve had all 4 seasons in the past few days!

When it was summer in the middle of the winter (for us Midwesterners, it was like 60 degrees out), we decided to take Lower Case G out for a nature walk in our .

We had been carrying Lil’ G-Man on our chest with him facing us because he was too far to face forward. While it did not provide him with the most scenic of views, the carrier did provide the best newborn head support this way.

Since his head control has advanced so much, we decided to graduate him to a forward facing configuration of our Lillebaby All Seasons so he could enjoy view of something other than my chest.

I bounced him around a little in front of the mirror before we left just to make sure he was good.  What do you think he thought of it?


We love this carrier!  The shoulder straps, waist strap and lumbar support are all padded. Because it has six different carrying configurations, the same carrier can be used as your baby grows.  We started using it with Grayson when he was about 7 lbs (the minimum weight) and with configuration adjustments, we can use it till he gets to around 40 lbs.

I figure as he gets bigger and we get closer to Halloween, we will try the backpack configuration and go trick or treating as Master Blaster from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”.


You can get your own Lillebaby at Amazon below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.54.46 PM

It’s also great to add to your baby registry if you’re in the market. Priced in the $100-range (some colors are lower than $100), it’s great for a nice gift or for 2-3 friends to go in together.


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