As A Comic Book Geek, This Story Made Me Want T0 Cry…

Per, An artist in Britain unknowingly destroyed nearly $25,000 worth of comics (including a first print Avengers #1) to create a paper mache sculpture called Paperboy.

Artist Andrew Vickers discovered the comics in a skip (dumpster) and did not think to check the value on them.  Comic Book expert and runner of Comic book based business World of Superheroes Steve Eyre made the discovery as he walked around the sculpture and saw the cover of Avengers #1 on the sculpture’s leg.

Vickers & Eyers

“I lost sleep thinking about the sculpture and he built it up from lots of different layers so I dread to think what is underneath.” said Eyre.”It would have been cheaper for Andrew to make this out of Italian marble because the raw materials that have gone in to it, I could have sold for a lot more than he is going to sell this statue for.”

Marvel Encyclopedia Matt Forbeck 9781465415936 Books





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