Sliced Chocolate!?! Japan’s Snack Technology Is Light Years Ahead Of Our Own!

We have processed and packaged cheese, ham and bologna (what is that anyway?).

But just like with television, radio and cars, Japan has taken a U.S. invention and improved upon it. Processed chocolate slices are available in Japan from the food manufacturer Bourbon, who despite their name, has nothing to do with alcohol.

Although, how awesome does chocolate bourbon sound right now?


Per, each pack contains five two-millimeter (0.08-inch) thick slices of what Japan calls “nama chocolate,” a rich, creamy confectionary that’s not as sweet as fudge, but more intense in flavor than ordinary milk chocolate.

This chocolate is awesome!  When my wife and I were in Japan 2 years ago, we couldn’t get enough of it.

The slices allow for all kinds of serving options, including origami for those much more talented than I.



And how about a chocolate and peanut butter sandwich!


United States junk food industry: you have been put on notice!

And that notice is we want chocolate slices!

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Until Bourbon’s product becomes available here in the States, here is another chocolatey good snack to hold you over:

Available on


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