World’s Greatest Detective Will Be Teaming With The World’s Worst Hunter

Ever wonder what would happen if some of DC’s greatest super heroes teamed up with Looney Toon characters?

Neither have I, but someone at Warner Bros thinks we will be curious enough to find out.

“Be very quiet, I’m hunting Widdler”

DC Comics recently announced the upcoming crossover event with fellow Warner Bros franchise Looney Toons. Some of the other team ups include Martian Manhunter with Marvin Martian and Jonah Hex with Yosemite Sam.

Similarly, a number of DC super heroes will also be partnering with Hanna Barbara characters in a series of stand alone books this March.

Who doesn’t love Space Ghost?

In the world of cross promotion of your own properties, I get this, but unless these stories are extremely hilarious, it seems like a quick money grab gimmick at the same time. I am sure we will see dozens of variant covers with this event as well.

How cute is this guy?



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