Poop-Megeddon!!! With Video And Commentary

(Don’t worry, no graphic content is on the video.  Only I have been scarred by this event.)

So Lil’ G-Man hadn’t had a bowel movement in 3 days plus, so we knew something evil and disastrous was heading towards our home, we just were not sure when.

Then last night, the barometric pressure fell outside, a red sky appeared above our home and Ming The Merciless sent from his home planet of Mongo a natural disaster the likes of which Earth has not seen since the biblical days of Noah. (cue Queen music here)


And just as Flash Gordon rose to the call, I stepped up to the changing station to tackle the challenge.

Knowing this would be a calamity based solely on the smell that was quickly permeating the house, Lindsey thought it best to record this GAG REEL (all puns intended) for prosperity and probably to embarrass Grayson at some point in his future…

She did a great job of keeping the camera on me so as to spare you, our loyal audience, from having to see what I wish I could but can never again unsee.



The video is in 4 segments because this grand epic of a diaper change unexpectedly messily morphed into a trilogy + an epilogue! It was like a California mudslide after torrential rainfall!  The brown stuff just kept coming!

(I do apologize where there are 2 brief moments where the audio cuts out for some reason)


The important Geeky Daddy hack I refer to here when the audio cuts out is to always have puppy pee pads on the changing table in case of multi-stage poops like this.  The puppy pee pads are much less expensive than baby pads are, accomplish the same job and, most importantly, are disposable.

If you are having loading issues, HERE is the YouTube link.

Video 2

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”

It looked and sounded like we were done, but that was just the quiet before the $#!T Storm!  No sooner than after we stopped filming, a thunderous rumble tore through Grayson’s abdomen and which was quickly followed by the Pompeii disaster of baby poop.

If you are having loading issues, HERE is the YouTube link.

Video 3

And just like when Atreyu battled the Nothing, there were casualties.

By the end of this diaper, Grayson looked like John Candy in the mud wrestling scene from “Stripes”.  We had to use scissors to cut Lil’G out of the outfit and sprint him upstairs to the shower.


Again I apologize for the audio fading in and out (much like my dignity did) on the 4th video.  This video is an epilogue of the events.

If you are having loading issues, HERE is the YouTube link.

Video 4 Epilogue (spoiler: note we are both wearing a change of clothes)

If you are having loading issues, HERE is the YouTube link.

The look of shellshock on my face.

Sidenote: R.I.P. cute striped onesie.  Nothing should ever have to go out the way you did.

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