The “Raid” Will Be Getting A Hollywood Remake!

Any lover of contemporary martial arts films knows that 2011’s “The Raid” and it’s sequel “The Raid 2: Berendal” represent the new gold standard.  If you don’t agree, stop reading this right now, rent & watch “The Raid”, then come back to this article and agree with me.


Well XYZ Films released a video of “Smokin’ Aces” and “The Grey” director Joe Carnahan watching the original “Raid” preview with Frank Grillo.  Grillo is known for his roles in “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, “Warrior” and previously worked with Carnahan on “The Grey”.  In the video, the two are discussing how they would remake a scene.


Carnahan later announced via Twitter that he would be directing and co-producing “a re-imagining of the same scenario” with the blessing of the director of the original Raid movies Gareth Evans.


Judging by the following tweet, I assume they had some feedback from concerned fans of the original films:


As of now, there is no official timetable for production or release.


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