Are You Engaged? Do You Like Tacos? Then Taco Bell Wants To Be Your Wedding Venue

That’s right!  You can tie the knot and grab “4th Meal” in one stop!

Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Cantina Flagship, conveniently located right on the world’s most famous strip, will soon be offering “Wedding Packages”!

And before you ask, no, the world has not spiraled into a “Demolition Man” universe where Taco Bell is the lone survivor of the Franchise Wars:

Demolition Man Taco Bell Commercial

Taco Bell’s “Wedding Package” includes not only sauce packet wedding bouquets, “Just Married” t-shirts and a taco 12 pack.  Just to class up the event, they even offer Taco Bell champagne flutes, a Taco Bell Garter and a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake!

“Wedding Package” Photo: Taco Bell

A reasonable $600 gets you all this plus a ceremony in the restaurant’s attached wedding chapel with an officiant.

If this were an option when I got married 8 years ago….it wouldn’t have mattered because my wife never would have agreed to it anyway.

Sidenote:  After writing this, dinner plans changed from sushi to the Bell.

Feature image courtesy of Taco Bell

You would not want this pillow?


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