Pokemon Go Is Getting Over 80 New Characters

It seems that the Pokemon Go craze has tapered since it’s initial launch last summer.

Part of the reason for the cooling off could be attributed to how successful it was right out the gate. Some Pokemon Trainers had captured or evolved all the species quicker than expected, or completely filled up their “Pokedexes” as the kids say.

Well don’t fear Pokemon players! Sometime in the next week, Pokemon Go will be adding over 80 new characters to it’s already existing 142. These new Pokemon Go characters will be taken from the already 20 year old legacy of video games and anime.


This new update will feature creatures from the Pokemon Gold and Silver series.

Other features of the new update will include on screen creature reactions when they are encountered and a wider array of changeable wardrobe options for your avatar (which has been a want from players for some time).

Rocket News has more information about the Pokemon Go update available HERE.


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