American Girl Will Release First Boy Doll

Let me preface this article with the fact that I do not know a heck of lot about American Girl dolls.

My knowledge of them is pretty much limited to when my friend’s daughters played with my 2 month old son in their American Girl dollhouse (see picture).

Lil’ G-Man in Ava & Scarlet’s American Girl bunk bed

But it does seem like the release of their first boy doll, named Logan Everett, is kind of a big deal.

His story (I guess all the dolls have in depth bios) is that he is a drum player with his friend from Nashville, singer-songwriter Tenney Grant.

Tenney & Logan, Photo: Huffington Post

American Girl is making an effort this year to increase their lines diversity.  Among other dolls being released this year are a Korean-American girl named Z Yang and a Hawaiian born Girl, set during World War II, named Nanea.

Logan & Tenney are set to be released this week.

Sidenote: The Logan featured in this article has absolutely nothing to do with the soon to be released “Logan” movie….which looks awesome!

Feature Image Credit:  Huffington Post




  1. This is pretty cool. I have two American Girls from my childhood (I got my first back when there were only four dolls to choose from). Also, I’m a fellow DMB contributor, excited to have a Dad on our team! 🙂


  2. I wish the Logan doll would have come out several years ago, my son would have loved it!
    Also, I agree the Logan movie looks good 😊


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