Harrison Ford Needs To Get Off His Own Damn Plane

You know how the “taking the car keys away” dialogue can be super hard with an aging parent?

Image trying to take the keys away from Han Solo!

Well that is the exact dialogue Harrison Ford’s family may need to have with him sometime soon.

Photo: WhatCulture.com

Harrison Ford is an experienced pilot and owns a number of small planes he loves to fly around the Los Angeles area.  The 74 year old actor has also had a series of crashes and near crashes over the past couple years.

In this recent incident, while landing a single engine Husky at John Wayne Airport, he had a near miss with an American Airlines 737 carrying 116 passengers and crew.  Per NBC news, Ford was given clearance to land on a runway but mistaken landed on the parallel taxiway.

At one point, Ford radioed “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”  Fortunately there were no injuries and the American Airlines flight took off for Dallas with minimal delay.

Photo: ABC News

In 2015, Harrison Ford crash landed on a golf course after the World War II era fighter he was piloting had an engine failure.  He suffered a broken arm and bruises. He was also forced to make an emergency landing in 2000 in Lincoln Nebraska and crashed a helicopter on a training flight in 1999.

But to be fair, he has also been the hero in search and rescues before.  He used his helicopter to rescue a stranded and dehydrated hiker in 2000 as well as spotting a lost 13 year old boy scout in Yellowstone National Park in 2001.

Sidenote:  If you Google Image Search: Harrison Ford, Google breaks the results into categories.  “Movies”, “Young”, “Plane Crashes”.  When it is a category on Google, you know you have a problem.

Feature Image Photo: The Independent



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