Geeky Daddy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Geeky romance differs from typical Hallmark romance.

Don’t do flowers.  FLowers are a weird gift because they are guaranteed to die soon.

“Here I picked these from the ground.  They are guaranteed to wither away and die soon.  Like my love for you.”

Here are some better options:


1. Star War inspired “I love you” & “I know” pillow cases.  Say “I love you” the way a scruffy looking nerf herder would.  (Amazon Prime)



2. Batman inspired his and hers pillow cases.  Nothing says “Let’s patrol the night” like matching Bat signals.



3. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky in a fur-lined heart shaped box.  Because Geeks can still be tough, rugged and manly. (Amazon Prime)


4. Cup holder USB car charger.  This is actually super cool and functional.  Has 2 USB and 2 lighter sockets with adapters for iPhone 7/7plus, Galaxy S7 and GPS Dashboard cam.   Sweetie, if you are reading this, I would gladly take this or the Jerky!

(Amazon Prime)



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