SilverHawks Live Action Movie For 2018….Written by Jon Favreau?

SilverHawks was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, ranking up there with G.I.Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats and Robotech (my first taste of anime).

Although SilverHawks only ran for one season, it did pick up one heck of a following and hopes of a feature film have always been high among fans that grew up in the 80’s.

Comic Books Galaxy has an article stating that Warner Bros has green lit a SilverHawks movie to be written and directed by Jon Favreau.  The article goes on to state a script written by Favreau (while he was working on Iron Man) has already been submitted and approved.


If that was not enough to make you want to post a “Here take my money!” meme already, Comic Books Galaxy also list an all-star cast including Chris Pratt as Steelwill, Kate Beckinsale as Steelheart and Justin Timberlake as guitar playing Col. Bluegrass!  This sounds like a “too good to be true” cast so I have been researching further into this.


I have not been able to surface any corroborating articles to validate this yet. does not show any Silverhawks movie in any stage of pre-production and I did not see SilverHawks listed on any of these actors filmographies…but wow, would this be cool!

What do you guys think?  Have any of you heard any SilverHawk news?


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  1. I would like to see a come back movie of the Silverhawks. It was one of my favorite cartoon shows just like the Thundercats when I was a kid. I have some of their episodes but not all. Hope they do bring back The Silverhawks wound go see it in a heartbeat. Thank you all.


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