Master & Apprentice Apparel

When Grayson decided that I was going to become a stay at home dad and build a website to chronicle our adventures, he also decided that we needed matching outfits.  I think maybe he was worried about us getting separated at the mall or something.

Sidenote: The mall has been daddy’s only option for taking Grayson on walks during the winter.  (Side Sidenote: Did you know that Somerset has 2 Starbucks!?!)

Anywho, we decided on this Star Wars themed matching set.  The only heated discussion was who would become be the “Master” and who would be the “Apprentice”.  Fortunately for me, they don’t make onesies in my size…

Grayson doing his best Cartman impression

If you and your Padawan want matching outfits, here’s a similar one.


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