Perfect Boba Fett-Pack for When I Take G-Man on Playdates!

It is hard finding the right size bag for when I take little G-Man on playdates, So I asked myself, as I often do:

“What would Boba Fett do?”

And, wouldn’t you know it, our favorite bounty hunter is up to the call.

HERE is the answer!

I used to carry a messenger bag for my essentials (laptop, couple graphic novels, my Star Wars toys, etc.) and a backpack for G-Man’s essentials (milk, diapers, backup “in case of emergency blowout outfit”, his Star Wars toys…).

Backpacks are great for diaper bags because they are wearable when you need to change that dirty diaper in a cramped public restroom with no Kola changing station.  However, you do not want a deep Sarlaac pit of a backpack that makes it to hard to find that favorite Ewok toy when necessary.

Messenger bags are great for carrying laptops and graphic novels (where you want to protect the corners from damage) but are not very useful come poo poo time.  Did Jengo Fett ever have this problem?

This new Boba Fett Convertible bag easily converts from a backpack to a messenger bag and is just the right size to accommodate both our essentials…while still communicating to those around us that I am still the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy!

Whether delivering Han Solo in carbonite to Jabba’s palace or your little co-pilot to the local McDonalds Playplace, this sturdy, tear-resistant fabric is up to the challenge.

Check it out at Amazon for the best deal HERE!


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